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Album update

Thanks for all the kind comments on my Which Will music video  I am now applying the finishing touches to my debut album.

This record has been in the works for a while now and one of the main issues has been deciding which songs to include.

Of course the longer the process goes on, the more songs I write and the whole thing becomes even more of a nightmare! Thankfully I finally have a set that I am happy with.

I can’t wait to share these songs with you all.

Finally, big shout out to my good friend Liam Jordan who has given me a lot of guidance and encouragement with my music over the years. He has an amazing album out right now that you should all check out!

Stay tuned…


New music video – Which Will

New music video!

Here’s my version of Nick Drake’s timeless ‘Which Will’.

Nick’s music has been an influence on my own right from the start and this song is one of my favourites.

Enjoy 🙂

Peace Fest 2018

I’ll be performing at Peace Fest 2018 in Penzance on Saturday, September 22. My set is at 2pm. Further details below.


The Promise

I have performed Bruce Springsteen’s ‘The Promise’ a couple of times this week. For those who don’t know, it’s a magical song recorded during the Darkness sessions that never made it onto a studio album – shocker!!

Of course I’m a die-hard fan but I highly recommend giving it a listen. Lyrical perfection. It’s also the sequel to ‘Thunder Road’, need I say more?

I may record my own version someday, but here’s The Boss in action with my favourite rendition.

Pale Jacket feature

My song ‘Pale Jacket’ is featured on Fiona Beddow’s Words and Music show. Pretty cool!

I recorded the song back in 2014 with a great line up of guest musicians. ‘Lemonade Sea’ was also recorded during the session.

Back on the road

It’s great performing again! I have missed it. Looking forward to playing more…

Lemonade Sea – Live at Goldsithney Charter Fair

Here’s a live performance of my original song ‘Lemonade Sea’ filmed at Goldsithney Charter Fair 2017. Featuring Sue Aston on violin.

‘Lemonade Sea’ is available on iTunes now http://apple.co/1x4cbcf

Pictures from Goldsithney Charter Fair 2017

Here are some cool pics from this year’s gig at Goldsithney Charter Fair.


  1. Blowin In The Wind (Bob Dylan cover)
  2. Got To Choose (KISS cover)
  3. The Other Side (feat. Sue Aston/violin)
  4. Way Home (feat. Sue Aston/violin)
  5. For You My Friend (feat. Sue Aston/violin)
  6. Whiskey Songs (feat. Sue Aston/violin)
  7. Lemonade Sea (feat. Sue Aston/violin)
  8. Waiting For The Call

Thank you to my fans

I have the best fans ever! Thanks for coming with signs and for sticking it out in the rain. Goldsithney Charter Fair was awesome.

Goldsithney Charter Fair 2017

I’ll be performing at Goldsithney Charter Fair next Saturday!

My set kicks off in the field at 12.30pm and I’ll be playing some new songs from my upcoming album along with a fresh bunch of covers.

See you there!

goldsithney charter fair poster

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