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New single, ‘Map the Stars’, out now

New single, ‘Map the Stars’, out now

My new single is out now! ‘Map the Stars’ is available to stream and download on all digital platforms. To listen to it, click here. I hope you enjoy it. I wrote ‘Map the Stars’ while feeling a sense of resignation that some dreams, over time, fade into darkness....

The UK’s Live Music Industry Is On Its Knees

The UK’s Live Music Industry Is On Its Knees

The UK’s live music industry is on its knees. Artists are asking the government to act now to prevent the permanent closure of venues and festivals along with a colossal loss of jobs. ⠀ ⠀ Just last year the live music industry contributed £4.5bn to the UK economy,...

Nick Drake Pink Moon

Nick Drake Pink Moon

This is my favourite album of all time. What’s yours? Nick Drake’s Pink Moon contains the most sincere and beautiful set of songs I’ve ever heard. It’s raw and haunting, yet ultimately life-affirming. That’s how my ears perceive it anyway; for some it’s just downright...

Newfound inspiration

I’m happy to have tapped into fresh inspiration for songwriting! It’s a big relief, having found myself feeling a little stagnant on the ideas front for a while. This new material finds itself routed in folk with a bit of a twist, through experimenting with guitar...

27 Miles – live video

Here's another live clip from my performance at The Acorn earlier this year. '27 Miles' is one of my more recent compositions. It's a song about being haunted by a past life and struggling to face up to personal demons. It has become one of my favourite songs to...

My first gig and dealing with stage fright

Throwback to my first gig as a singer. An hour before this picture was taken I was a total nervous mess. Pretty much paralysed in a ball of doubt and anxiety. I had thrown the towel in. This was 2012, an event at St Mary’s Church in Penzance, and my slot was only two...

Map the stars – lyrics snippet

Here are some lyrics from a song I’ve been working on called ‘Map The Stars’. Some of you may recognise it as I performed a rough version at a couple of gigs earlier this year. It’s essentially about the struggle to keep childhood dreams alive and the sacrifices that...

For You My Friend – Live Video

Hi everyone! Sorry for the radio silence, I hope you are all keeping well. I have some new music on the way at last.   For now, here's a new video taken from my performance at The Acorn earlier this year. 'For You My Friend' was the first song I wrote when I ventured...

Whisky Songs – Live Video

Here's a live version of my original song, Whisky Songs. Thanks to Brian Smith for capturing this at The Acorn. Enjoy

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