I’m happy to have tapped into fresh inspiration for songwriting! It’s a big relief, having found myself feeling a little stagnant on the ideas front for a while.

This new material finds itself routed in folk with a bit of a twist, through experimenting with guitar tunings and finger picking styles in ways I haven’t utilised for some time.

As well as reconnecting with my folk foundations, I have been toying around with vocal harmonies and synthesizers. You may have heard a sample of this from my recent preview of a new song called ‘I Don’t Belong Here’.

This is in part due to having immersed myself in the genre-defying music of Björk and Steven Wilson over the past few weeks.

You’ll probably know I’ve been a big Steven Wilson fan for many years, whereas Björk is a more recent discovery. The experimental nature of both artists is really refreshing. I’m not saying my new material sounds remotely like either of theirs, but listening to it has certainly inspired me to try a new approach with songwriting.

I recommend checking out Björk’s ethereal folktronica work on ‘Vespertine’, and Steven Wilson’s fusion of folk, prog rock, and pop on Porcupine Tree’s ‘Lightbulb Sun’. Both masterpieces to my ears.

I have also rekindled my love for poetry, particularly with the works of Jo Shapcott and Sylvia Plath. My own recent poetry is a bit abstract and weird though, so I’m not sure if I’ll be sharing that with you 😆