This is my favourite album of all time. What’s yours?

Nick Drake’s Pink Moon contains the most sincere and beautiful set of songs I’ve ever heard. It’s raw and haunting, yet ultimately life-affirming. That’s how my ears perceive it anyway; for some it’s just downright depressing!

Nick, together with producer John Wood, recorded the album over two late night sessions in October, 1971. The lights were down and there were to be no overdubs apart from the title track’s solo piano line. What was played is exactly what you hear once the needle drops. The starkness and intensity of that environment radiates from the recording. It feels like Nick is performing right there in the room with you. Such powerful lyrics and melody delivered in earnest and captured with such uncompromising clarity. In 2018 I recorded a cover of ‘Which Will’; the only occasion I have commercially released a song not written by myself.

Dan Aston