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New recording: Do I Wait

New recording! This is a cover of one of my favourite songs, ‘Do I Wait’ by Ryan Adams.

All instruments played and recorded by me. Click here for a free download:http://bit.ly/20MpksN

I’ve always loved the honesty of the lyrics in this one. Let me know what you think of it! Stay tuned for some more recordings coming very soon…

Studio Update: Recording finished!

All vocals and violin parts finished today and that wraps up the recording work for ‘Pale Jacket’ and ‘Lemonade Sea’!

I can’t wait to share the finished songs with you all. There is still mixing to be done and I’ve also now got to come up with some artwork for these two singles. Time to get creative in a different way!

Dare 2 edit

Studio update

It’s been a brilliant day in the studio! All drums, bass and piano recorded and the songs have really come to life. I’ll be back there next weekend to finish the recording side of things. The two upcoming singles will be ‘Pale Jacket’ and ‘Lemonade Sea’, more details soon…

recording studio

Busy week ahead!

I’ve got a busy week coming up! I’ll be in the studio recording some new songs on Saturday, my fourth solo live Google Plus online show is on Sunday (6pm GMT) and I’ll be performing at Playfest on Wednesday (1.15pm). Plenty of updates to come, for now here are some shots from my recent show at Parklive. Thanks to Phil Aston and Simon Neild for the photos.


IMG_7860 (more…)