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New single ‘Pale Jacket’ out now

My new single, ‘Pale Jacket’, is available to buy now!

Recorded at VIP Lounge earlier in September, it has been recorded and produced by Dare Mason (Placebo, The Church, The Blow Monkeys). I previously worked with Dare on my EP ‘The Way Home’.

The single features some stellar performances by musicians that have really brought this new arrangement of the song to life.

The band that features is: Dan Aston (vocals, guitars), Jack Williams (piano), Tristan Latarche (drums) and James Martin (bass).

You can stream the song in its entirety below, and there is a link to purchase it via BandCamp. To view in iTunes, click here

New Video: Pale Jacket

Here’s a brand new song called ‘Pale Jacket’ that I wrote last week. Lyrics are available in the video description, stay tuned for news about my next live online show coming up soon!

New Video: Lemonade Sea

New video, this time of my new song ‘Lemonade Sea’. I performed a rough version of this during my first Google Plus show, here is the complete version of the song with lyrics available in the description.

New Video: For You My Friend

This is a live version of my song ‘For You My Friend’ that appeared on my debut EP ‘The Way Home’ (now available on iTunes). It’s track three on my EP and deals with the subject of friendship and the importance of those close to you in dark times. It’s also the first song where I played about with fingerpicking techniques, jazz chords and harmonics. Enjoy!

New Video: Still Life

Check out my brand new live video for ‘Still Life’. The song’s lyrics deal with seizing the day, following a similar theme to ‘The Other Side’. It is the closing song on ‘The Way Home’ EP.